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Once you have all of the PLAN tasks completed or underway that apply to your business, it is time to take ACTION. The number of different of elements to consider and projects to mobilize in the Act section of StartABrewery are considerable, and we have worked hard to organize them in a way that is easily accessible while making sure you don’t miss anything important. ACT covers everything from your

first financial commitment to the project until your doors are open to the public or you offer your first packaged beer for sale. Remember that endeavors of this level of complexity are not 100% linear; you may still be in PLAN with some tasks while digging into ACT on others.


As in the PLAN section, we offer a list of distinct Categories within all brewery start up projects, each with a task list of action items to be completed while working through the ACT phase. Each Category list will also link you to its Category page for further information to assist you on your journey, including educational materials and the task lists for that Category across the entire project. All information is provided by our knowledgeable contributors who are leaders in their area of specialty and respected in the craft beer industry.


•  Set up forecasting & budgets  •  Create/evaluate a strategic vision  •  Integrate POS system 
•  Determine taproom management approach  •  Establish webstore


•  Open bank account  •  Apply for financing:  Application, Business Plan/History, P/L Projections - 3 years, Resumes, Personal Finance Statements, Personal Tax Returns - 3 years, Credit Check Authorization, Lease Agreement or Real Estate Agreement, Business Acquisition, Construction Estimates, Equipment Quotes  •  Sign financing documents  •  Fund your equipment


•  Establish brand voice  •  Write brand message  •  Contract a graphic artist  •  Create brand materials 
•  Generate Signage  •  Create Marketing/advertising collateral  •  Produce Packaging  •  Design Merchandise


•  Contract design team  •  Create design/layout  •  Create construction budget  •  Interview/determine contractor
•  Architecture, engineering & permits    •  Build brewery  •  Install equipment  •  Pass inspections


•  Evaluate ACT projects  •  Determine vendor resources  •  Allocate personal bandwidth 
•  Research relevant consultants  •  Interview consultants  •  Review consulting contracts  •  Work with consultant


•  Brewing and Business Education  •  Brewery Staff Education  •  Professional Groups  •  Recommended Reading 
•  State Guild Information


•  Estimate desired production  •  Research available utilities  •  Evaluate space constraints 
•  Forecast scaling up production  •  Research equipment options  •  Select equipment/financing 
•  Purchase/order equipment  •  Install equipment  •  Brew/package test batches


•  Recruiting/staffing  •  Wage and hour compliance  •  Benefit offerings  •  Workers compensation insurance 
•  Background checks  •  I-
9 requirements  •  Drug screens  •  Onboarding  process  •  Payroll 
•  Policies/employee handbooks 


•  Review recipes  •  Research availability/cost  •  Determine minimum order  •  Confirm storage needs 
•  Research ingredient contracts


•  Contract Reviews  •  Get quotes  •  Insuring the buildout  •  Bind Insurance: Property, General Liability, Auto


•  Location lease review  •  Apply for state licensing  •  Apply for federal licensing  •  Trademark registration 
•  Research marketing/sales compliance  •  Review state compliance post licensing 
•  Equipment/ingredients contracts  •  Understand labeling requirements  •  FDA registration 
•  Brand registration/price posting if required  •  TTB licensing  •  Review ACT phase contracts


•  Secure location  •  Apply/secure permits  •  Apply/secure licensing  •  Connect utilities


•  Decide on POS provider   •  Build out POS with provider  •  Integrate POS system  •  Staff training


•  Reach out to press contacts  •  Introduce yourself to your local visitors association  •  Draft a press release

•  Schedule advertising


•  Research lab strategies  •  Source lab equipment


•  Determine layout of tap room  •  Buy/install equipment/furniture  •  Design/decorate interior 
•  Interview/hire tap room management  •  Integrate/train on POS  •  Staff training beer/food service 
•  Organize food options/kitchen  •  Determine/purchase merchandise options  •  Set-up online purchase/options  •  Coordinate grand opening


•  Initial web platform build  •  Set-up online purchase/ordering  •  Schedule website maintenance 
•  Start posting per content calendar  •  Document everything!

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