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Accounting: Taking Action

Moving right along! You have put your plans in place and now it’s time to act. You’ll want to ask yourself questions such as, how should we manage the taproom? What should our website provide? What’s our Strategic Vision?


Taproom (Tasting Room) Management


Proper taproom management is the difference between sort of making money and making a lot of money. The choice of a proper point-of-sale system is the difference between just documenting sales receipts and truly running the business.


  • Point-of-Sale System (POS) and setup. The choice of a POS system is critical to establishing good data. Remember, you cannot measure what you don't manage.

  • Merchandise. Believe it or not, merchandise can be a money-maker.

  • Webstore. Some of your fans will not be local. Creating a good website gets the brand out to more people in different markets quicker.

  • Food. The decision to offer food is a big one and should not be taken lightly.




Does your website have a user-friendly e-commerce system? Some of your fans will live outside of the area and the more people wearing your branded merchandise, the better. Ensure that your brand shines through on your website. Spending time and effort on a good website will yield great dividends. In addition, invest in a reputable webmaster; the correct setup, maintenance and security measures will save thousands down the line. Last but not least, include a beer finder. There should be a way on your website for your fans to find where they can purchase the beer.




How do you know that you have enough for payroll next month, next quarter, next year? Forecasting is a complex monster, but it is critical to the long-term success of the company. You need to understand the working capital drivers of the business. Going to sleep at night knowing that you understand what’s going on is very powerful.


  • Start Now. Don't worry if it’s not perfect. You need to understand your future. Forecasting is like a muscle: The more you use it, the stronger it will get.

  • Budgets are important. Create a budget for next year. It’s worth the time and effort. Share it with everyone. That way everyone will be singing the same tune, and they will know what they are responsible for.

Arryved Craft Point of Sale


  • Forecasts work together. Someone should be comparing the budget against the sales forecast. If you don't have anyone to do the work, find someone now. Strategic Visioning What’s next? Are you planning to add different businesses onto the main platform? Is the expansion external (second location) or internal (new accounting system)? Walk through your options and cost/benefits of those options.

  • Bigger Isn't Always Better. Think long and hard before you make an expansion plan. The secret is to make sure that they are well planned.

  • Embrace Expansion. Once you decide to take on an expansion (either external or internal), look at all the places in the company that will be affected and help everyone adjust to the change.


Contributing Author

Mary Brettmann                                                                                             President, Beverage Business Builders


Beverage Business Builders, established in 2015, offers financial and operational services for craft breweries
and distilleries. President Mary Brettmann assists with everything from accounting software implementation,
to long-range strategic planning.

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  • Understand Cash Forecasting

  • Determine Cash vs. Accrual Basis

  • Evaluate Your Costs

  • Understand Asset Reporting

  • Set up Financials/Reports

  • Coordinate with Tax Accountant


  • Research service models

  • Consider curbside/to-go

  • Determine staff tipping model

  • Consider online sales

  • Determine data needed from POS (consult with Acct)

  • Contactless payment options?

  • Research POS options that fit




  • Set up Forecasting & Budgets

  • Create/Evaluate a Strategic Vision

  • Integrate POS System

  • Determine Taproom Mgt Approach

  • Establish Webstore


  • Decide on POS provider

  • Build out POS with provider

  • Integrate POS system

  • Staff training!!



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  • Audit Preparation

  • Evaluate Logistics Costs

  • Materials Resource Planning

  • Coordinated Forecasting

  • Long-range Planning

  • Ensure access to Retail Data

  • Sales Data Collection & Analysis

  • Establish CRM System

  • Refine HR Practices


  • Review POS data

  • Identify data trends

  • Respond to data trends

  • Consider loyalty programs

  • Increase contact points with guests

  • Consider expanding ordering stations