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It would be perfectly reasonable to be feeling like a juggler in a circus at this point. You’ve assembled your business plan and done all of your research, and it’s time to make this thing happen. However, it’s also fair to be in process with some of the PLAN task list items as you start into ACT with others. You don’t need to wait until everything has been completed in one to start on the next.


Fundamentally, ACT is the physical creation phase. While so much is happening with building and installation, it’s easy to forget essentials like Insurance and regulatory compliance. And it is also really easy to underestimate the amount of time it will take for approvals and licensing and oceans of paperwork. At each stage of the process we will recommend that you read, watch, consult, or otherwise look to others for their wisdom to avoid making mistakes and to optimize your success. (Educational Resources)


While you’re building and filling out paperwork, keep in mind that ACT is also preparation for OPEN. It is important to take the time to properly prepare the financial and human resources side of things so that they can roll smoothly into your grand opening and beyond. This includes adequate time for staff training and systems to be tested before you open.


In addition, the brand that you created during the PLAN stage now needs to morph into a website, marketing and advertising collateral, a content marketing calendar, social media accounts, and everything needs to reinforce your sales timeline and projections.


Although many breweries in planning will not be thinking about distribution on any level at this point in the creation process, take the time to learn about your self-distribution options and state requirements/laws. This will help avoid missteps later and may provide an unexpected lift in some areas as you move into OPEN.

Finally, plan time to test your brewing system, establish relationships with your suppliers, and make sure your packaging materials (even if just kegs) will be ready to go when you need them. This is literally a process of making sure all of your ducks are lined up facing the same direction in order to safely cross the street!

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