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It’s time! You have all of the pieces in place to make it happen! Now the challenges are tangible and dependent on people rather than paper for the most part. You’re getting systems in place, creating inventory and accounting protocol, hiring those who will make your mission happen on a daily basis, actually making beer(!) and establishing the workplace culture of your new business.

Some of the puzzle pieces in the OPEN section are often overlooked because of the whirlwind of people and projects involved in opening, so pay particular attention to our StartABrewery tasks below to be sure you are not missing something that will be critical farther down the line. As before, each list will link you to the appropriate Category page for further information to assist you on your journey. All information is provided by our knowledgeable contributors who are leaders in their area of specialty and respected in the craft beer industry.


•  Evaluate Open projects  •  Determine vendor resources  •  Allocate personal bandwidth 
•  Research relevant consultants (if any)  •  Interview consultants  •  Review consulting contracts 
•  Work with consultant


•  Establish self-distribution limits  •  Explore expansion needs/cost
•  Plan distribution essentials: Product storage, Keg rental/purchase, Delivery vehicle, Support equipment 
•  Establish brewery distribution team: Accounting, Delivery, Sales, Warehouse 


•  Brewing and Business Education  •  Brewery Staff Education  •  Professional Groups  •  Recommended Reading 
•  State Guild Information


•  Dial in equipment efficiencies  •  Establish sanitation SOP  •  Establish maintenance SOP 
•  Consult vendor with issues


•  HR compliance  •  People management issues  •  Employee file management  •  Offboarding process 
•  Performance management  •  Compensation management


•  Purchase ingredients  •  Store properly  •  Negotiate ingredient contracts  •  Establish inventory routine


•  More risk management  •  Did you forget anything?:  Workers Compensation, Liquor Liability, Crime


•  Maintain state compliance  •  Learn state excise tax requirements  •  Understand your state distribution laws 
•  Understand growler/to go laws  •  Maintain federal compliance  •  Employment law:  Ownership equity,
    Independent contractors, Hiring protocol, Compensation, Workers Comp, Taxes/benefits, Immigration law 
•  Review OPEN phase contracts


•  Announce and advertise your opening  •  Sample the media on your beer! 


•  Set up laboratory  •  Establish testing protocol  •  Analyze results  •  Adjust systems accordingly


•  Create sales goals  •  Create sales materials  •  Assess market  •  Sales training


•  Establish daily staff routine  •  Experiment with service options   •  Hire/train additional staff 
•  Communicate with brewery team  •  Streamline merchandise/online purchasing 
•  Review daily reporting/accounting  •  Coordinate with marketing team  •  Execute programming/events 
•  Maintain draught lines/equipment


•  Announce opening on website & social media  •  Ask for user generated content 
•  Use actual product for campaign

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