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The Event Hub is where we have consolidated information about all of our Start A Brewery events, both upcoming and those recorded as resources. We have three different kinds of events happening regularly: our Podcast [releasing episodes every other Tuesday], our monthly Resource Groups, and our Quarterly Educational Webinars. There are also occasional additional opportunities that we are pleased to announce and archive for you.


New in 2023, the Start A Brewery podcast will mirror the journey of our website. We’ll start our first few episodes talking about The Dream, transition into all the elements of creating an effective business plan, and then into the nuts and bolts of creating your brewery following the Plan, Act, Open and Grow phases outlined on the website.


Start A Brewery podcast episodes will be released every other week on Tuesdays for your listening pleasure. Connect to listen via the Podcast section on the Event Hub (or) sign up to listen wherever you find your podcasts. We’re excited to partner with the team at All About Beer to create this auditory opportunity for you & look forward to interesting, savvy Contributors & guests with terrific stories, so come along with us!  


 Resource Groups are monthly hosted gatherings for our Contributors to share information about their various industry areas of specialty and to answer any questions.

 Resource Groups will be held online or in person.  Online groups will last an hour, in person groups will be happy hour style.

ONLINE RESOURCE GROUPS feature one of our esteemed Contributors each month, shining our “spotlight” on them. An informal interview style discussion, every Contributor Spotlight includes a section of best practices, tips/tricks, or strategies to offer for start ups and growing businesses from within their field of specialty. The balance of the hour will be Q&A, either based on the general Spotlight topic or digressing into other areas. Questions may come from other Contributors or from attending brewers.

IN PERSON RESOURCE GROUPS will be a happy hour set up with the purpose of connecting. A table for Contributors, Start A Brewery recommended educational resource programs, & advertisers to set out business cards will be provided. Contributor and attendee nametags will be provided.  Our team loves to talk shop, get to know other Contributors, and meet brewers who have questions or need guidance & resources. Expect team problem solving and brainstorming…and to be passed around if you have questions.

 To learn more about our Contributors, check out our Contributors page. If you have questions, they have answers, referrals, and can brainstorm with you based on an enormous amount of experience.


For a more formal educational opportunity, we have launched a series of Educational Webinars in partnership with the Craft Beer Professionals group. Each 30 – 45 minutes long, the session is followed by Q&A for anyone watching live.  Covering a myriad of topics, these webinars are an opportunity for a deeper dive with a knowledgeable instructor, again mirroring important topics for starting or growing your brewery.

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