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Our website is designed to offer guideposts and a general road map from the development of your brewery concept to its successful execution. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive resource (we may have missed some things) and all brewery concepts are different. We encourage you to visit our Educational Resources page and immerse yourselves in more complete and detailed information as well as talking with specialists who can answer questions specific to your start up.

​There are 4 stages identified throughout: PLAN, ACT, OPEN and GROW. We have loosely defined PLAN as all beginning stuff up to the point where you make a significant financial commitment to the project. ACT takes place between that first financial outlay and actually opening the doors of the tap room/brewpub to the public or offering your first packaged product for sale. OPEN lasts from day #1 of ‘open for business’ until you’re financially stable enough to consider any kind of growth, be it equipment, additional brewing space, more seating space for the existing brewery, or a completely new location. When you can think about those kinds of things, you’re in the GROW phase.

Each stage has its own Landing Page with a detailed task list for each category that is relevant to this stage of the project. Landing pages can be reached from the PLAN, ACT, OPEN & GROW buttons across the top of the Home page, similar buttons midway down the HOME page, from the Essentials area organized by PLAN, ACT, OPEN & GROW toward the bottom of the Home page, and there are links to each always present in the footer.

All of the components of business and brewery creation are divided into these Categories, such as Accounting, Equipment & Packaging, and Tap Room Ops, each with its own page. Category Pages have a rotating feature article, two or more lead in articles, and detailed task lists for all of the stages that are relevant to the Category (Plan, Act, Open & Grow). At the bottom of the detailed task lists you can access the Library of all educational materials by clicking on the “read more” button. You can reach Category pages from the floating menu at the top right of your screen, through Plan, Act, Open & Grow Landing Pages, and there are links to each that are always present in the footer.

The LIBRARY stores all of the educational information contributed for the site. This information is sorted by Plan, Act, Open & Grow phases and by Category within the phases.

​The DIRECTORY offers resource information for each Category as well as contact information for each business or person listed. The Directory includes both Contributors and advertisers.

​The CONTRIBUTORS list tells you a little bit more about all of the fantastic people who have offered their knowledge and experience in support of Start A Brewery. In addition to a little bit of background, their company information, and their areas of contribution within the site, you can link to their business websites and email to reach them more directly.

Our Forum will be offered as Phase II of this website development, and we will include instructions for use when it is up and running.

​Thank you for visiting Start A Brewery! Please CONTACT us if you have any questions.

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